How to Spot A Fake Tempurpedic Mattress in 7 Steps?

If you are thinking of buying some old great mattresses or new ones from recognized companies like TempurPedic, check out this guide about spotting a fake Tempurpedic Mattress. Don’t be trapped in any sell-attractor conversations during the mattress shopping process. This is not only about buying a good mattress for your excellent sleeping, but if you are going to purchase a low-quality or fraudulent mattress, it’s a big bad deal for your health. 

Researchers say quality Mattresses are as crucial for your health as other things. Therefore, before buying a mattress, read the necessary health guidelines like the adjustability, comfort, alignment, and materials of a mattress you want to buy. According to these guidelines, Tempurpedic Mattress is good, but most scammers use the TempurPedic name and sell rough and non-approved mattresses cheaply. Read the policy below, avoid scams, and keep healthy with quality sleep products.

Foam Frauds in Mattresses

All original and honest manufacturers try to bring unique products after long research and hard work. But like the actual manufacturers, scammers try to find new ways to scam people seamlessly. Here are some essential points you should know before buying a mattress because most scammers use the following things to scam those people who buy mattresses without any research:

Old Mattress

Buying an old mattress is easy prey for scammers because they can easily adjust multiple cheap parts in mattresses and sell them as original pieces. So, if you are buying an old Tempurpedic mattress, be aware of scams and read those 7 points that are important before purchasing a Tempurpedic Mattress. 

Cheap Foam

Foams are an essential part of mattresses. Scammers usually use cheap foam in their fraud mattresses. So before buying an old or new mattress, check its foam quality and verify its material.

New Cover

New cover copies of any famous brand are the easiest way to make buyers when they want to purchase the original ones. So, if you are getting your mattress with original new covers, don’t go with them as they are. Just check the tags and verify the information that is written on it. 

Fire Retardation

The quality of your perfect mattress depends on the fire retardation rate. Suppose your bed is made of original materials like wool, rayon, and latex. In that case, it has a reasonable fire retardation rate like Tempurpedic mattresses, but fraud mattresses never use such materials because of prices. They sell them with cheap and easily flammable materials. 

Low-Quality Components

Scammers use low-quality components in their cheap mattresses, so knowing how to spot a fake Tempurpedic Mattress is essential. High-quality components are the exact thing that makes your original mattress a reliable, beautiful, clean and lasting sleep product. 

Door-to-Door Sellers

Mostly, Doot-To-Door sellers are scams. Don’t buy a Tempurpedic mattress from these sellers; if you still want to buy from them, check it carefully before purchasing and cross-check the essential things to know. These sellers talk about only the product’s advantages; their only mission is to sell that product to you at any cost. Some door-to-door sellers are trying to find their local potential customers. Still, it’s essential to verify the product before purchasing with the facts and points discussed in this article. 

Low Prices

As scammers build things from low-quality materials, they don’t care about the prices. They want to sell their mattress at cheap prices. If any sellers ask you for the minimum price, be alarmed and don’t buy from them because great products have great prices, whether old or new. The low price is a beautiful trap for scammers who want to catch their simple-minded customers. 

Unknown Online Sellers

Only buy something online from sellers with a reputation or verification because buying from unknown and non-verified sellers can cause a massive loss in low-quality mattresses. 

Sales Without Receipts and Guarantees

Scammers never sell with receipts and guarantees because, with these things, they can be easily caught in their scams. It would help if you asked them for tickets, warranties, or after-sell support to avoid scammers. 

7 Points to Avoid Mattress Scam

Let’s look at how to spot a fake tempurpedic mattress or buy an original one with these points. The following points will help you purchase an authentic and original TemperPedic mattress product:

Check Well Before Purchase

Before making a wise purchase, you should check essential things about a mattress, like weight, size, thickness, material quality, and reviews for that particular buyer or store. This will help you to have an excellent original product with no mistakes. 


Prices are the easiest way to determine whether a product you buy is real. Usually, the official prices of TempurPedic Mattress start from $1,189.30 to $ 5,299.00. If the product you are buying is not in this range, there’s something wrong with the product. Check prices carefully and make your purchases wise. For further details, check this chart and keep following their official resources:

  1. Twin mattresses from $1,189.30 to $1,699.00
  2. Twin long mattresses of Tempurpedic are from $1,189.30 to $4,099.00
  3. Full-size mattresses are from $1,329.30 to $2,049.00
  4. Queen-size mattresses are from $1,399.30 to $4,599.00
  5. King-size mattresses are from $1,679.30 to $5,299.00
  6. Read Tags

Tags are beneficial in detecting original products. If you want to know How to Spot A Fake Tempurpedic Mattress, follow titles and verify the written information on official websites. You can check whether it’s original by typing an exact serial number. All data, including serial numbers and others, are listed under each product’s barcode on the tag. You can find it on the law tag and match for verification. The original Tempurpedic products have this information on their labels:

  1. Serial Number
  2. Bar Code
  3. Product Name
  4. Materials
  5. Manufacturing date
  6. and other information. 
  7. Get a Warranty

All Tempurpedic new products come with a 10-year full replacement warranty. After purchase, if you find any defect, you can ask them to fix it within this time. For further details and information, read their warranty guidelines on their websites.  

Ask wise Questions before the Deal Done

Suppose you are purchasing from their official store or website. In that case, you don’t need to ask a long list of wise questions because they are already there in their terms and conditions, but if you are buying from a third party, then you need to ask some intelligent questions to make sure that your purchase is not a scam. 

Foam Thickness

The thickness of the Tempurpedic mattress is between the range of 11-13 inches. Although different mattress sizes have different thicknesses, no one will be below ten or claim over 13. If you are informed in the same range, check other facts, and you are good to go, but if their sizes are different from this range, avoid purchasing from such buyers. 

How to Choose an Original Tempurpedic Mattress?

Buying an original Tempurpedic mattress is easy; just go to their official website and order your required product, but if you are buying or want to buy an original mattress from other websites, stores, or shops, then check the following things:

Buy from official stores or affiliated websites.

TempurPedic has its official website: You can buy original products from this website in their listed price range, but if you are not buying from the official website, you must check if they are affiliated with the official store. 

Reliable Online Stores

Reliable online stores like and mainly accept authorized sellers and don’t allow scammers on their platforms. For further verification, you can also check the reviews and ratings of any seller selling Tempurpedic mattresses in these stores. 

Read Reviews before a purchase.

Reviews and rating stars are helpful to purchase a quality original product. Check Tempurpedic Mattress and check all reviews and ratings. If there are many positive reviews, then it is a good product you can buy and rely on their descriptions because most buyers find them helpful. 

Have a live call and verify the product.

If you purchase from non-official resources, don’t miss live calls before purchase. Before closing a sale, live calls benefit both customers and sellers. During this call, you can also ask for a live video demo of the product you want to buy. Live calls will clarify many of your confusions about mattresses. You will learn how to spot a fake tempurpedic bed. 

Sign a short agreement. 

After doing all these steps, if you are still not satisfied that you are buying an original product, then you can ask for an agreement signature where you can ask them to have the money-back guarantee and quick return. 

Keep all records of your conversations.

Keep all records safe, from chatting to closing the Deal during the purchase. All these saved records will be helpful for you to recover a fraudulent investment. This small act of saving documents can give you a legal advantage. 

What To Do if you have experienced Mattress Fraud?

After reading the above guidance, there are 0% chance of getting scammed by fraud sellers, but if you still have a fraud mattress and you didn’t go through our guide on how to spot a fake tempurpedic bed then follow these steps we hope these steps will fix your financial damages:

Contact Them with Complete Details

As soon as you know you have been scammed, contact them immediately and provide all your details. This will help you find them quickly and realize that they are being caught with proof. With this first step, they will refund you money. 

Get a Guide from Big Communities

Significant related communities on the internet have many members who have already done what you want to do, so get guidance from those communities and learn from their experiences. 

Note down their fraud.

Note down all mistakes, frauds, faults and flaws you have found in your product. This will indicate the real scam you have, and they will be able to help you. 

Get in touch with the police.

If nothing is working in your case, you can go for legal help from the police with all the given proofs and saved records. I hope legal ways will help you get your money back and punish the scammers so they won’t do it again.


This is how to spot a fake tempurpedic mattress with a detailed guide. All you need to know is to be careful when buying old Tempurpedic mattresses, check foams, and avoid falling for new covers and low prices. Buying non-verified online sellers without receipts and official warranties is not safe. Reading Tags and verifying them on the official website is the best way to determine whether you are buying an original product. Follow all the steps described in this article before purchasing the Tempurpedic Mattress. Happy sleeping with sweet dreams…..!

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