How To Protect The Air Mattress From Dogs?


Have you a dog who joins you in bed at night? These four-paw buddies love cuddling or at least accompanying their human parents, but that can sometimes be damaging. So, do you have an air mattress that your dog occasionally jumps on, and you doubt is ruined or punctured? If yes, there is still time to adopt some practices to save some bucks and keep the bond you have with your pet. 


If you’re a dog owner, you’re probably accustomed to waking up with them every morning in your bed. You might not have thought about the possible damage they could do to your mattress. If you don’t take care of your air mattress, it could get punctured, gather too much dog hair, and even start to smell. 


The worst-case scenario is your air mattress can get an unpleasant flea infestation. In this case, you may need to learn how to protect the air mattress from dogs. If so, don’t worry! Being a dog mom for twenty years, I can tell you the best practices I have adopted. Let’s begin! 


How To Protect The Air Mattress From Dogs – Be Careful Of The Damage


The dogs’ nails or dewclaws, weight, and the sharp edges of their gear, such as their collars, could cause air mattresses to pop. Regular dog nail filing or clipping, dog boots or stockings, a mattress cover, and dog nail caps can all help prevent this.


Damage With Nails


If your dog has long, sharp nails, that would be enough to break apart your priceless mattress. Some dogs have dew claws that can be very sharp. Therefore, similar to nails, this might also pop out! One of the greatest ways to keep your dog close to you while keeping the air mattress from bursting out is to get its nails trimmed. It treats this and ensures your beloved pet’s excellent health.


Damage From Dog Weight


Some furry animals are so playful that they may jump off the air mattress like a young child. However, if they are particularly hefty, this could damage the mattress and reduce its longevity.


Damage From Sharp Gear/Collars Edges


Some dog collars and other accessories have incredibly pointy, sharp edges. Again, this is a reason to rip your mattress off.


You Need To Consider Daily Maintenance Too 


Air mattresses might be a fantastic alternative for the price of a hotel room for your visitors who come to stay with you. Dogs, however, can readily damage an air mattress. You must consider daily maintenance to protect the air mattress from dog damage.


Smell Of Dogs And Air Mattresses


Dogs aren’t the cleanest animals around, despite having beautiful personalities. Dogs can leave a lingering odor on your air mattress, whether from their saliva, rolling in the mud, or leaping in a creek. If you don’t want to smell like your dog when you wake up, follow the steps that help you to keep your air mattress free from smells.


To Get Rid Of Dog’s Lingering Smell


Starting cleaning your dog is the best approach to prevent your dog from leaving an unpleasant odor on your air mattress. Regular washing will help eliminate accumulated oils, grime, and smells that could seep into your mattress. This will help in shedding as well. Moreover, it will prevent your dog’s and your mattress’s odors from accumulating.


Hairs Of Dogs And Air Mattresses


Some dogs have excessive shedding, and their fur adheres to everything. You probably don’t want dog fur all over your sleeping area. As a result, you must protect your air mattress from dogs’ hair.


  • Before you go to bed, wash your pillowcases, sheets, and blankets, as they frequently help to get rid of any accumulated hair of dogs. Of course, you should already be accustomed to doing this.
  • Rubber gloves are explicitly made for grooming your dog while your pet. It works wonders at removing pet hair from furniture and cars. They perform exactly as well on most air mattresses.
  • Your air mattress can easily be cleaned of dog hair with a moist paper towel or washcloth. Even though it’s unlikely to remove every inch, it should remove most of it, allowing you to sleep well without worrying about becoming too icky. Just ensure to thoroughly wring out the towel to prevent your mattress from siping wet.
  • Regularly brush your dog and check for fleas. You can use a product like Flea Shampoo to keep your pet flea-free.


Other Effective Tips To Consider


You may have got an honest answer to the query ‘How to protect the air mattress from dogs.’ Still, there are some practical tips to consider that can help you protect your air mattresses from dog damage; 

  • Purchasing a high-quality air mattress cover will help shield your mattress from any harm your dog may cause. To swiftly eliminate the odors and hair from your bed, look for one durable enough to withstand your dog’s claws and easily clean.
  • Suppose you prefer to sleep on memory foam or down toppers. In that case, buying a mattress topper will make your air mattress more comfortable and protect it from tear and wear from your dog.
  • Air mattresses are well-protected from dogs by suitable, thick coverings to protect furniture during relocation. To prevent it from slipping off the top, purchase one large enough just to tuck under the mattress.




With this, I expect I have given a detailed answer to ‘How To Protect The Air Mattress From Dogs,’ and these tips and insights will prove to be helpful for you. If you love animals, it will be challenging or nearly impossible for you to keep your bed pet-free. If that’s the case, follow the advice above to protect your air mattress so you and your dog can snuggle up together for many more nights without growing resentful. With a bit of work and by keeping your dog clean and well-groomed, you can protect your air mattress from dog damage.  



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