How To Dispose Off Your Old Memory Foam Mattress Topper?


Disposing an old memory mattress in the garbage is not the greenest practice. In certain places, it is even prohibited by law. Also, violation of this act can result in illegal dumping and considerable punishment.


Despite this, the average life of a memory foam mattress topper is 3 to 5 years. So it is better to replace the mattress immediately. But what can we possibly do with our old one? How to dispose off your old memory foam mattress topper? Should you throw it out in the street?


Being a responsible citizen, you should not do so because the memory foam mattress topper is created by mixing polyurethane with chemicals and additives that harm our environment.


For this, you would get rid of old foam mattresses in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Therefore, I’ve included 12 eco-friendly and cost-effective methods for recycling old foam mattresses.


How To Dispose Off Your Old Memory Foam Mattress Topper: Different Ways


However, there are many other ways to dispose of it without causing any harm to our mother planet and human beings. One way you should go: recycle or repurpose it, depending on the condition of your memory foam mattress topper.


Eco-Friendly Ways To Dispose of Old Memory Foam Mattress


If you are worried about your old memory foam mattress, read this article thoroughly. You will find many eco-friendly ways to discard it without much labor. Let’s crack them out! 


1: Dispose Of It At The Local Recycling Center


If the condition of your old memory mattress topper is too pathetic to be used, then immediately call the local recycling center. They will collect it from your location within a few hours.


2: Drop at Mattress Showroom or the Factory Outlet


As recycling costs the least than manufacturing new mattress toppers, many companies offer a discount on purchasing unique memory foam toppers in return for the old ones.


So you should contact the showroom or the factory outlet you have bought it from to avail of the discount offer. Otherwise, giving it free for recycling is better than contaminating the environment.


3: Gift To A Poor Fellow


If you want to replace your good-conditioned memory foam mattress topper with a modern one, do not dump it. Instead, look around you for a needy fellow who cannot afford to buy a new mattress topper and gift it to him.


4: Donate To An Orphanage


Another way of charity is to donate your fluffy mattress topper to an orphanage if you do not find any needy person in your locality. This act of small kindness will add comfort not only to orphans but to your conscience too.


5: Repurpose Your Old Memory Foam Mattress


When you think your memory foam mattress is not in such good condition to be given to anyone, use your reuse. You can use your artistic skill to renovate some old furniture or something else.


6: Make pillows and cushions.


The easiest way to reuse your old mattress topper is to convert it into pillows or cushions for your couch. Just measure the dimension of your regular pillow, and cut the mattress into a rectangular, square, or circular shape.


To hide its previous look, wrap it with a plain white cloth or fill it in an old pillow cover. You can even use a spare or discarded T-shirt for this purpose. Finally, cover them with a matching bedsheet pillow cover.


You can add colors to your dull and light-colored sofa or couch too. Every household contains plenty of small cloth pieces, laces, buttons, and beads. You can also get rid of these messy things by manually stitching them. You can make colorful covers for your sofa.


7: Remodel Old Bed 


The old mattress topper can also change the entire look of your old bed. Cut the mattress topper equal to the back of your bed and paste it on the back with a hot glow on the front surface of the back. Let it dry for 15 minutes.


Buy fine velvet for sofa covers, and draw a crisscross pattern on the cloth. Then place it on the bed’s back with a topper and fix it with a stapler gun. Now punch a pin at each crossing point of the pattern and select a button in contrast color on it. This is the most convenient and economical way to remodel your bedroom.


8: Make a Trundle Bed


You can use your old memory foam smartly if you live in an average-sized apartment without a guest room. It would help if you had nothing new for this purpose. Take your old bed frame and attach the wheels under the shelf.


Cut your memory foam mattress according to the size of your bed frame and place it on the old bed frame. It is better to use a single bed frame to cover the trundle bed mattress with an excellent colored cover.


9: Bean Bag Stuffing


Another greenest way to dispose of your memory foam mattress is to make a refiller for the bean bag. Cut your old mattress topper into shreds and fill in the bean bag. This idea will cost you little labor to reform your bean bag.


10: Make Lumbar Support


The worn-out mattress topper can also make lumber support to ease yourself during long journeys. It helps to minimize pressure on the shoulders and lower part of your backbone due to sitting for hours.


11: Add Firmness to Sleeping Bags


A nature lover can also use his old memory mattress topper most excellently. Tourists can add firmness to their sleeping bags by adding a layer of spare memory mattress toppers. It will give you homely comfort even in the forest.


12: Best Bedding Pads For Pets


Another way to repurpose your old memory foam topper is to cut it up and spread it in your pet’s house. Put a blanket on this buddy to make it even cozier for your pets.


The remaining pieces of old memory foam toppers can also be used in the kitchen as it absorbs the water. You can cut them into squares of 6 by 6 to make the kitchen counter cleaner.


NOTE: Though you have been told about some 12 good answers to dispose off your old memory foam mattress topper, remember, avoid using it to clean hot plates or stoves as it can be dangerous and equally unhygienic. 


Although there are many other ways to get your old memory foam mattress away, the above are the best. No matter what method you choose to dispose of it, it should be safe for our planet and people.




Finally, for people who don’t find a way to “how dispose off your old memory foam mattress topper,” this article hit the jackpot for them. In the blog, I have tailored the 12 best ways to dispose of old foam mattresses in eco-friendly and adaptable ways. You can either dispose of it at the local recycling center, drop it at the showroom or factory outlet, gift it to people living on streets and in orphanages, or reuse it in multiple ways. For example, you can cut it out to make pillows and cushions, remodel it for an old bed, make a trundle bed, use it for bean bag stuffing, or cut it out to make lumbar support. In addition, you can also use it to add firmness to your sleeping bags or make a great bedding pad for your dear pet. The choice is yours; however, in a nutshell, you should adopt a way that avoids causing any environmental pollution, too, as the mattress contains harmful chemicals.




What is the recommended lifespan of a memory foam mattress topper? 


It would help to change your mattress topper every three to five years for the best results.


Is the old memory foam terrible for your health?


Yes, it may harm your health by irritating the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and other body parts.


Should a memory foam mattress topper be rotated?


Indeed, you should occasionally rotate your memory foam mattress from head to foot. You may ensure your bed wears evenly and extend its life by rotating it 180 degrees every few months.


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