Can You Use A Mattress Topper On An Adjustable Bed?


Everyone wants a restful sleep on a comfortable bed with a supporting bumper. Are you uncomfortable on the mattress? Why? Consequently, you require extra cushioning on the mattress, generally known as a “mattress topper.”  


 The immediate question that arises in a person’s mind when he thinks about making his adjustable bed even more comfortable is: “Can you use a mattress topper on an adjustable bed?” The answer is “Yes, of course!”


An adjustable bed is undoubtedly a way to get rid of a stiff back due to sitting erect in an armchair for 6 to 8 hours. An adjustable bed provides maximum relief by giving you the required body posture.


But the firmness of the mattress sometimes becomes a hindrance in the way of desired ease your body needs. So the simplest way is to add a soft layer of mattress topper to your foam that enhances the plush of your new foam mattress.


Therefore, you must have enough information about your adjustable bed and mattress toppers to get the proper one instead of wasting money. As there is a variety of mattress toppers available in the market, it makes a choice a more challenging task.


Can You Use A Mattress Topper On An Adjustable Bed?


Yes, you can use a mattress topper on the adjustable bed like on the other beds. However, it majorly depends on how you choose the mattress topper and what type of adjustable bed you have. If you need basic information on mattress toppers, you have landed at the right place. While choosing a topper you should review the type of your foam mattress and adjustable bed, as it will help you to decide regarding its material and size. 


As different types of toppers such as memory, latex, wool, fiber, or feathery toppers are manufactured with specific purposes you must consider your priority. They are also available in a thickness of between 2 to 4 inches.


Which Type Of Mattress Toppers Is Suitable?


The first thing you must consider while buying a mattress topper is that it should be skirtless with four anchor bands. As it restrains its movement and keeps it aligned on the mattress of your adjustable bed.


The second most important thing you must think of is the material of the topper. And my recommendation is a Memory FoamTopper with maximum thickness to sink in for sound sleep and alleviate the pressure to the minimum.


What Material Is It Made Up Of?


Memory foam mattress topper is created by the addition of various compounds and additives to the low-resistance polyurethane, which is the main component of the topper.


It is also known as “a visco elastic mattress topper. Its viscoelastic feature distributes the body weight evenly by absorbing heat and aids in lessening the pressure on body parts such as hips, shoulders, and neck.


Is Memory Foam Mattress Durable?


The best thing about a memory foam mattress is its easy attainment or adjustability with the shape of your body and posture. It can contour itself according to the tilt without losing its integrity.


Moreover, the memory foam topper’s malleable structure makes it durable, allowing it to extend and contort. This characteristic also helps it to regain its original position gradually after the pressure is released.


The palpable surface allows you to change your position without producing noise that is louder enough to disturb your partner. It will also nurture you with a feeling of being embraced.


Cons Of Memory Foam Topper

The only con of the memory foam topper is that it is expensive and weighs the least compared to its numerous advantages. 


Why Should We Use Memory Foam Toppers?


Apart from the fact that a memory foam mattress is the best thing to add comfort to your adjustable bed, there are some more reasons, such as below:


Treatment for Backpain


It serves as a treatment for back pain without medication. It provides maximum support to the spinal cord by contouring around it. So it is the best remedy to cure back pain if you love sleeping on your back. 

Anti Allergens


Memory foam toppers are also ranked best because they are anti-allergens. They are too dense to allow the dirt mites or bacteria to grow as there is no space for them. Hence, they are most suitable if you are an allergy sufferer.


Prevents Transfer Of Motion


If your sleep partner is a frequent position changer, then it is best to prevent the transfer of motion due to its viscosity. So it minimizes the discomfort caused by your partner.


More Economical Than A Mattress


It would help if you bought a memory foam topper to escape your new mattress’s bounce or unnecessary plush. However, it is more expensive than other mattress toppers and more economical than a new mattress.


Neutralizing Heat Agent


Another salient feature of memory foam mattresses is that their gel-like material allows the air to circulate. This breathable characteristic enables the mattress topper to absorb body heat, maintaining the body temperature. Hence, it prevents night sweats and midnight waking up. 


Ways To Clean a Memory Foam Mattress


If you are hygiene conscious, you can maintain it by cleaning your memory mattress topper once a week. Regular cleaning will help you to protect yourself from infections and allergies. 


 Although you cannot wash it in the washing machine like the bedsheets, you can easily remove dust mites, body oil stains, and dead skin cells using a vacuum cleaner and liquid detergent.


 To make access accessible to all corners of your mattress topper, spread it on the hard flat floor. A soft and gentle brush attachment with the vacuum cleaner will clean it properly without causing any damage to its material.


The circular motion of the brush attachment gently removes the accumulated dust particles. Then mix an equal quantity of detergent with water, dip a clean, soft cloth in the solution, and rub it on the stain with repeated circular motion. Leave it for half an hour, then clean it with another damp cloth. 


NOTE! The use of rigid brush attachment and low-quality detergent can tear its shreds.


The life of a high-quality mattress varies according to its thickness, usually lasting three to four years. But proper care can prolong it for a considerable time. 


The use of fitted sheets with pockets fixes and adjusts the memory topper on the mattress whereas the waterproof protector prevents spots of accidental spills.




To sum up, the mattress topper is the best consideration for the ones experiencing a stressful night. Mattress toppers offer many advantages, which include treating back discomfort and minimizing snoring. However, this article has tried to clarify the query ‘can you use a mattress topper on an adjustable bed’, and the answer is a big yes. Yes, you can use the mattress toppers on any kind of bed and enjoy a restful and comfortable sleep! 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Can a topper be added to an electric bed?

Yes, you can use a topper for an electric bed. A tremendously thick, comfortable memory foam still functions appropriately with an electric bed.

What drawbacks do adjustable beds have?

There is more noise, higher prices, a great deal of weight, mobility restrictions, and distinct categories of size are some cons of adjustable beds.

Can back sleepers use adjustable beds?

Yes, adjustable beds are the best choice for back sleepers. However, it is not a good idea for stomach sleepers.


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