Can you put a Mattress on a Futon Frame?

Futons are similar to magic couches that can turn into beds. But what if you put a regular mattress on a futon frame? You can do it, but the futon won’t change back into a couch anymore. That exceptional mattress with the futon is made to bend and fold to be both a couch and a bed.

Putting a regular mattress on the futon frame is easy. The problem is it has to stay in bed. You can’t fold it back into a couch. Using a standard mattress, you should strengthen the futon to hold it up. Changing it into a bed takes less than an hour, but remember, it stays there.

So, futons and regular beds are the same, but not totally. Be careful if you want to change a futon into a standard bed or vice versa. Know what parts will work and what won’t. Watch out so you can avoid a mistake.

A Futon Mattress and a Regular Mattress; where’s the difference?

What’s this thing called a futon mattress? How’s it different from the regular mattress we all know and love? It’s like a puzzle, but don’t worry; we’re here to solve it. Think of a mattress as a relaxing place to sleep and a futon mattress as its excellent companion. 

These two seem like places to catch some Z’s, but there’s more to them than you might think.

1. Design & Style

A regular mattress is a big, fluffy thing you lay on every night. It’s usually thick and meant to go on a bed frame. On the other hand, a futon mattress is like a two-in-one deal. You can fold it up to make a couch or lay it flat. It’s thinner and gives a more modern feel to a room.

2. Comfort & Support

Regular mattresses are known for comfort. They’re soft and cushiony, and come in different types, like memory foam or spring. Using a traditional bed for sleeping will be like sleeping on clouds. Futon mattresses are on the firm side. 

3. Space & Flexibility

A futon mattress might be your best friend. Since it can be folded into a couch, it saves space. It’s like having a bed and a living room all in one! A regular mattress doesn’t have this gut; it’s just a bed.

4. Price

Your wallet might like futon mattresses more. They’re often cheaper than regular mattresses. But remember, you get what you pay for. A traditional mattress might cost more but usually lasts longer and feels better.

5. Maintenance & Cleaning

Regular mattresses need a good vacuum and spot cleaning now and then. Futon mattresses, though, might need more love since they’re used as a couch, too.

6. Lifespan

A regular mattress can be your sleeping buddy for a long time, usually 7 to 10 years. A futon mattress might only last briefly, especially if you often flip it back and forth from bed to couch.

Type of Mattress that goes on a Futon

When it comes to a futon, you’ll be using what is known as a futon mattress. 

A futon mattress is specially designed to fit on a futon frame. Unlike a regular, thick mattress, a futon bed is usually thinner and more flexible. Why’s that?

 Because it has to do double role!

During the day, you can fold the futon mattress to create a comfy couch, perfect for sitting and chatting with friends. When night comes, all you need to do is lay it flat, and it becomes a bed!

These mattresses are often filled with cotton, foam, or polyester, making them firm enough to sit on but soft enough to sleep on. They are available in different sizes and colours to match the grace of your room.

So, next time you want to deck out a small space or a guest room, keep the futon mattress in mind.

Size Recommendations for Mattress to Fit for Futon Frame

Futon frames and mattresses come in different sizes, just like regular beds, and finding the right combination is critical to a convenient, functional space. Here’s a guide to help you through:

1. Twin Size

A twin-size futon frame usually adjusts a mattress of 39 inches in width and 75 inches in length. It’s a great size for kids’ rooms or tight spaces.

2. Full Size

The total size is one of the most common futon sizes. It would suit the mattress with 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. It will be suitable for a guest room or small apartment.

3. Queen Size

Are you looking for something with more space? A queen-size futon frame will hold a mattress 80 inches longer and 60 inches wider. It’s ideal if you want more sleeping area or if the futon will be your main bed.

4. Custom Sizes

Sometimes, futon frames and mattresses come in unique sizes, like loveseat or chair sizes. In such scenarios, it’s essential to verify the measurements the maker gives to ensure proper fitting.

How to put a Mattress on a Futon Frame in Five simple steps?

Step 1

Preparing the space is the first step in putting a mattress on a futon frame:

  1. Ensure the area is clear of the mess that could get in your way. Move things like chairs and toys.
  2. Clean the floor by sweeping or vacuuming up any dirt.
  3. Put the futon frame where you want it.

Think about where it will look best: a bed and a couch. If you need tools to put the frame together, get them ready. Placing the mattress on the futon frame will be accessible by setting everything up first.

Step 2

So you’re looking at the futon frame and thinking, “Does it need extra support?” If you see the slats (those wooden bars across the frame) are more than 6 inches apart, you should add some support. You can do it as follows:

First, if an old mattress is on the frame, remove it and set it aside. It would help if you saw what’s going on beneath.

Now, look at those slats. They have to maintain a separation of approximately 6 inches between them. This distance is just right to hold up the box spring and mattress, making your bed nice and sturdy.

What will you do if the slats are far apart?

You can place wooden planks on the frame amid the slats. Think of them like extra helpers, holding everything up. You should cut them to fit just right, but don’t worry about them sticking out a little.

You don’t have to attach them to the frame with screws. No, the mattress’s weight will keep them secure. It’s like putting a heavy book on top of some papers to keep them from blowing away.

So go ahead and add that extra support if you need to. Your futon frame will be solid and ready for the new mattress.

Step 3

While positioning your mattress, check if a box spring is essential. A box spring is like a helper for your bed. It gives extra support and ensures the bed doesn’t feel uncomfortable because of the frame.

Now, let’s talk about something called a futon. Sometimes, the thin strips on a futon can pop up through the mattress. But if you use a box spring, it’s like a shield that stops them from doing that. 

A box spring is like a superhero if you like your bed to be pretty firm. It ensures your mattress is super supportive, so you sleep well.

A box spring is like a best friend for your mattress. It helps it stay comfy and happy. And if you’re all about that firmness, a box spring is your sleep buddy.

Step 4

Initially, place the box spring onto the bed. Like the mattress’s bottom buddy, this helps it stay comfy.

Now, let’s talk about something called dust distress. It’s like a fancy sheet that goes over the box spring. Why? To cover up the box spring and the futon frame underneath. Think of it as a secret hideout for them!

Position the box spring on the bed, then attach the dust ruffle. It’s like giving your bed a mini makeover, keeping everything neat. 

Step 5

Place the mattress gently over the box spring. It’s like the soft part of the bed you’ll sleep on.

If you want it even smoother, add more padding to the mattress. Think of it like an extra squishy layer.

Now, let’s make the bed look friendly and inviting. Grab your sheets and blankets and cover everything up. Sheets keep things comfy, and blankets keep you warm.

Put the mattress on the box spring, add more padding if you want, and then cover it with sheets and blankets. Your bed will be ready for some seriously comfy sleep! Rest well!

Foundation Options for a Regular Mattress on a Futon

If you’ve got a regular mattress and a futon frame, here’s what you need to know about setting up a good foundation:

When you want to put your regular mattress on a futon frame, you need something underneath to hold it up and make it comfy. Below are the options:

Futon Mattress Platform

This is like a unique base that goes with futons. It’s designed to fit well with the frame and keep your mattress comfy. Think of it as a matching pair of shoes that go together perfectly.

Slats System

Slats are like sturdy pieces of wood that you put on the frame. They help your mattress stay straight and comfy. It’s like a strong bridge that allows your bed to feel happy.

Bunky Board

Imagine a smooth and flat board that you put on the frame. It helps your mattress stay even and comfy. It’s like a strong friend that supports you when you need it.

Platform Bed Base

This is like a solid base that you can put your mattress on. It’s like the sturdy ground beneath your feet, making your bed feel steady and pleasant.

Final Thoughts

Putting the regular mattress on the futon frame is easy. The only thing is, it will stay in a bed. You cannot fold it back to the couch. If you want a regular mattress, you should strengthen the futon frame to hold it up. Changing it into a bed takes less than an hour, but remember, it will stay a bed. So, regular and futon mattresses are similar, but only partially.

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